America’s Government






But… Together we can Fix it!
















Some of Our Leaders

Are the Cause,




Along with Aspects

Of Our Government’s Structure




And Unjust

Political Traditions…




Like These…

Lying as a StrategyLying, as a political strategy, is entrenched in our political system. We need to stop it and confront leaders who lie. One solution is to add the legal requirement to – speak the truth – to their oath of office, with repercussions when it is broken.          Money Corrupts Politics Over $3 billion is spent yearly on lobbying, over $55 billion since 1998. This corrupts politics. $6 billion is spent during our general elections, and if you are not sure that this is too much, imagine a pile of $1 bills over 400 miles high, twice as high as the International Space Station. We spend 120 times more than is spent during England’s general elections. We could learn from them.  It must be our priority to take 95 percent of political spending out of politics.           Lack of IntegrityWe must become intolerant of low integrity and speak out each time it occurs. Are we expecting that good government can flow from electing people of low integrity?          False Ideology Replaces FactWe must not run our government on ideolgy. It is folly to make decisions based on ideolgy, rather than accurate information.          Gerrymandering & Voter SuppressionWe still have leaders who think it is proper for our Republic to control who can vote. This is the best indication that term limits and recall are necessary to restrain and remove corrupt leadership.
Unlimited Re-election Fosters DysfunctionIn 1947 Congress pushed for and passed a Constitutional Amendment to limit Presidential terms after Franklin D. Roosevelt served 4 terms. They wanted to limit Presidential power, and we should do the same for Congress. We now have government policy by re-election.  If a policy supports re-election, Congressmen will support it and vote for it, even when privately they are against it. Term limits are necessary to encourage our leaders to focus on serving the people, doing the right thing, rather than that which supports re-election or the wishes of special interests, who are funding continuous re-election.           Lack of Term Limits46 states have Term limits for State Supreme Court judges, from 6 to 14 years. 15 states have Term Limits for elected officials. National term limits for Congress, Federal Courts, and the Supreme Court, would promote better governance and weigh more power toward the people.           Lack of Recall20 states have Recall for state officials. 34 states have Recall for local officials. Our Republic’s responsiveness to the people would be enhanced by a National Recall law – to remove Congressmen, the President, and Federal or Supreme Court Judges.           Low ApprovalIt is hard to imagine that Congress has a 14 percent average approval rating; our President – only 39 percent; our Supreme Court – only 51 Percent. No other organization could continue to operate with such low approval. The incompatent actors  would be removed.           Suspension of Regular OrderCongress has suspended Regular Order – crafting laws behind closed doors; without expert public testimony, debate, public review, or even time for lawmakers to read the bills.           Revolving DoorThere is a revolving door between government employment and business employment.  This serves to further increase the influence of business in government.  It must be stopped if the people truly want to own our Democratic Republic.

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But We can Fix it!

We Watch Our Leaders

Remain Silent in the Face of Injustice,






When Conscience Demands

Speaking Out.














Too Many Leaders are Driven by






An Ideology of

Perpetuating Power and Self Interest…






Rather than an Ideology

of Serving the People.











Americans Disapprove

Of Our Government’s Behavior…



Everyone Sees it, But Nobody is Fixing it.





Congressional Approval

14 Percent…



Presidential Approval

39 Percent…



Supreme Court Approval

51 Percent…




Why Don’t We… Fix it?

“If You See Something Wrong Happening In The World

You Can Either Do Nothing, Or You Can Do Something,

And I Already Tried Nothing”

Steve Trevor

Is there Reason to Believe

Our Government Will Repair Itself?




Very Unlikely.










The Highest Purpose of Government



Is to Serve The Governed…








Not the Governors

or Special Interests.




Together… We Can Fix it!

Some of the Pieces

are Missing…

There are Long-standing Defects

In our Democratic Republic…

• Money Has Corrupted Politics –

$6 BILLION during General Elections (120 Times What England Allows) and $3 BILLION Yearly Lobbying,

• The Election of Flawed Leaders –

Like Those Willing to Lie and Promote Ideology over Facts,

• Undemocratic Political Traditions –

Like Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression,

• Inequitable Congressional Rules –

Where Congressional Leaders Dictate Legislation and Stop Regular Legislative Order,

• Unfair Political Party Rules –

Like ……..,

• Laws that Serve Special Interests –

Liike Tax Breaks for Oil Companies and Over $321 Billion in Bank Fines Since 2008 but No Jail Time,

• Unlimited Congressional Terms and Lifetime Appointment of Judges –

Skews Policy and Legislation to Win Elections and Keeps Politically Biased Judges in Power,

• and More…








It has Taken 27 Amendments

And Many Laws To Reach

Our Current Level of Justice.



It Will Take More…




It’s Our Responsibility… To Fix it!

We Need to Recognize

the Opposing Sides of America:







The America that Inspired

Worldwide Democracy

Containing Just and Unjust Democratic Governments,





And Greater Personal Freedoms,

for Many Americans.













And the America that Displays

Discrimination, Injustice, and Inequality.




With Great Care… We Can Fix it!

Our History of Injustice

Is the Source


of Our Political Dysfunction…

243 Years of Slowly Evolving Governance, where…





Human Rights and Equal Rights

Were Reluctantly Bestowed





It Took 50 Years  After The Declaration Of Independence

Before 5 Percent Of Our Population Could Vote For President – in 1826



It Took 80 Years Before All White Men Could Vote, Not Just Landowners – in 1856



It Took 89 Years Before 4 Million Slaves Were Granted Freedom – in 1865



It took 94 Years Before Black Men, In Some States, Could Vote – in 1870



It took 137 Years Before U.S. Senators Were Selected By The Vote Of Citizens – in 1913



It took 140 Years Before The First Woman Was Elected To U.S. Congress – in 1916



It took 144 Years Before All White Women Could Vote – in 1920



It took 148 Years Before All Native American Indians Were Granted Citizenship – in 1924



It took 156 Years Before The First Woman Was Elected To U.S. Senate – in 1932



It took 178 Years Before The Legal End To Segregation – in 1954



It took 188 Years Before The Civil Rights Act Attempted To Outlaw Discrimination – in 1964



It took 189 Years Before The Voting Rights Act Attempted to Protect Minority Voting – in 1965



It took 192 Years Before The Fair Housing Act Attempted to Prohibit Housing Discrimination – in 1968



It took 192 Years Before the First Black Woman was Elected to U.S. Congress – in 1968



It took 230 Years Before the First Muslim Man was Elected to U.S. Congress – in 2006



It took 233 Years Before the First Black President was Elected – in 2009



It took 242 Years Before the First American Indian Women were Elected to U.S. Congress – in 2018



It took 242 Years Before the First Muslim Women were Elected to U.S. Congress – in 2018



After 243 Years Honorable Government, Justice, and Equality are Not Yet Achieved – in 2019




Let’s Not Wait Any Longer… To Fix it!

It is Time

To Correct our Flaws

and Create Our Future.

We Must

Fix Our Government.

One Person…

Can’t Create Reform





But Millions…Can!

We Must Become

The Fourth Branch of Government,








Setting Unmistakable Expectations

For the Other Three to Follow.













America Belongs to the People…




Not to Our Leaders or Special Interests.