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Lying as a StrategyLying, as a political strategy, is entrenched in our political system. We need to stop it and confront leaders who lie. One solution is to add the legal requirement to – speak the truth – to their oath of office, with repercussions when it is broken.          Money Corrupts Politics Over $3 billion is spent yearly on lobbying, over $55 billion since 1998. This corrupts politics. $6 billion is spent during our general elections.  If you are not sure that this is too much, imagine a pile of $1 bills over 400 miles high, twice as high as the International Space Station. We spend 120 times more than is spent in England’s general elections. We could learn from them, and what one country can do, another can do.  It must be our priority to take at least 95 percent of political spending out of politics.           Lack of Integrity We must no longer tolerant politicians who lack integrity.   We must speak out each time they lie or support special interests above the interests of the people. We can’t expect good government to flow from electing politicians who lack integrity.          False Ideology Replaces FactWe must run our government on the best factual information, rather than using political or ideological information. We must base our country’s governance on facts, not unproven or false ideology or ideology catering to special interests.

Gerrymandering & Voter Suppression Gerrymandering has been used since the 1780s for politicians to select which citizens can vote for them, by setting voting district boundaries.  The citizens should be the only ones selecting who will represent them.  Some states are now setting district boundaries using non-political committees. Voter Suppression is still going on. We have state politicians who think it is proper for them to control who can vote, by culling voter lists if anything varies in different sources of personal information, requiring street addresses from people who don’t have them, moving or reducing polling places, and more.           Reform Congressional RulesCongressional Rules need to be reformed to promote greater cooperation in Congress, and more democratic functioning. When the Senate eliminated the 60 vote rule to confirm Supreme Court Justices, the selection process became completely partisan. This is not beneficial for American Justice. The Problem Solvers Caucus, a bi-partisan group of U.S. House members, is working for bi-partisan solutions.           Lack of Term Limits46 states have Term limits for State Supreme Court judges, from 6 to 14 years. 15 states have Term Limits for elected officials. In 1947 Congress pushed for and passed a Constitutional Amendment to limit Presidential terms after Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected to 4 terms. They wanted to limit Presidential power, and the same is necessary for Congress. We now have government policy by re-election.  If a policy supports re-election, Congressmen will support it and vote for it. Term limits are necessary to encourage our leaders to focus on serving the people, doing the right thing, rather than that which supports re-election or the wishes of special interests, who are funding continuous re-election. National term limits for Congress, Federal Courts, and the Supreme Court, would promote better governance and weigh more power toward the people.

Lack of Recall20 states have Recall for state officials. 34 states have Recall for local officials. Our Republic’s responsiveness to the people would be enhanced by a National Recall Amendment – to remove members of Congress, the President, and Federal or Supreme Court Judges, allowing the people to play a bigger role in directing and approving of government.           Low ApprovalIt is hard to imagine that recently our Congress has had an approval rating as low as 10 percent; our President – as low as 32 percent; our Supreme Court – below 50 Percent. No other organization could continue to operate with such low approval. The Incompetent actors would be removed.           Suspension of Regular OrderIn the last two years Congress has regularly suspended the Regular Order of legislation – crafting laws behind closed doors; without expert public testimony, debate, public review, or even time for lawmakers to read the bills.  This type of behavior will never support good governance.           Revolving DoorThere is a revolving door between government employment and business employment.  This serves to further increase the influence of business in government.  It must be stopped if the people truly want to own our Democratic Republic.

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But We can Fix it!

Benjamin Franklin

We Watch Our Leaders

Remain Silent in the Face of Injustice









When Conscience Demands

Speaking Out














Too Many Leaders are Driven by






An Ideology of

Perpetuating Power and Self Interest…






Rather than Dedication

to Serving the People

We Need Leaders

Who Care More About Us



Than About Their Political Careers,










Who Seek First to Act

In Our Best Interests!













To Create a Government

Of High Ideals and High Integrity




We The People, Must Actively

Participate In Politics

Thomas Jefferson











The American People have Never

Created an Organization







With the Political Power


To Fix Our Government’s Flaws.







Isn’t it Time

We Do So.




Citizen Involvement Is One of The Missing Ingredients

Of Good Governance!

“If You See Something Wrong Happening In The World,

You Can Either Do Nothing, Or You Can Do Something,

And I Already Tried Nothing”

Steve Trevor

We The People,

Must Strive to Become

The Most Influential




Enlightened Political Force…




To Inspire Our Elected Leaders

Towards Selfless Service







Americans Desiring Better Governance




Can No Longer


Forsake Participation.








Enlightened Governance


Demands Diligent Oversight.

First Five

Crucial Steps

To Responsible Government


Unite 10 Million People

Of Conscience Who Desire Just Governance!



Raise $1 Billion Dollars

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To Counter Over $55 Billion

In Lobbying Dollars

Spent by Special Interests Since 1998

And Tens of $ Billions More – Spent to Fund and Sway Elections




Take a Look…

This is the Face of Money Corrupting Our Government for 20 Years


Organize And Fund 22 Reforms

Shown Below In Detail

Hiring a Cast of Thousands –  to Simultaneously Reform Many Issues!


Our Goal

Unite All Groups

Seeking Greater Justice & People’s Rights

Open Secrets, Politifact, Snopes, Fact Checker,

League Of Woman Voters, And Hundreds More…


Many groups are working to preserve freedom in America, and improve the level of justice in our government.  We can unite as many as possible to work together toward a common goal of improving our society.  We can even help fund those that need assistance.


Social Justice Groups     Human Rights Groups – Worldwide



Recall Amendment

to Recall The President,

Congress, Federal & Supreme Court Judges

We Elected the President & Congress;

We Need To Be Able To Remove Them –

Including Judges.


20 states have laws that allow the recall of elected state officials.  34 states have some form of recall for local elected officials.  It makes sense that those who have the ability to elect officials, should also have the power to remove them for just cause.


Some States Allow Recalls     National Recall Efforts

State Recall Details


Reform Rules

Reform Political Parties

Democrats finally Reduced the Power of Super Delegates

Our Goal Must be to Expand the Power of People, Not Party Leadership


Political party rules reflect the desire of party leadership to maintain power.  If we want a government more responsive to the people, it must start at this level.


Fixing The Democratic Party     Virginia GOP Rules – Restrict Voting



Balance The Budget –

22 Trillion Deficit

Winning Re-election Takes Priority Over Balancing Our Budget. That Must Stop

Term Limits And A Balanced Budget Amendment Are Possible Solutions


Both of our main political parties have done a bad job balancing the budget.  The last revenue surplus existed under Bill Clinton.  Because our leaders have their focus on winning the next election and making a career of politics, rather than a time of service, they have failed to do what is necessary – to increase taxes to cover spending and/or decrease spending to match taxes.  Unlimited election terms have removed the desire for sensible monetary policy.


Clinton Budget     Treasury Dept Debt


Reform Rules

Reform Laws – To Encourage Voting

For Much Of Our History, Voting Has Been Discouraged

Only 55.4 % Voted In 2016, 90 Million People Failed To Vote

Government “By The People” Needs Increased Voting


In this chart, you will see that it took until the mid 1890s before we reached 20 percent of the U.S. population voting for President.  What does this say about our governance?

22 Countries have mandatory voting laws, with penalties ranging from mild to more severe.  We should consider this and offering incentives to vote, making voting easier.


22 Countries have mandatory voting     Incentives to vote


Our Goal

Create The First Website

with Unbiased, Accurate Facts On America’s Issues

No Spin, No Slant, No Disinformation, No Misinformation

Government Decisions Must Be Based On Accurate Facts


Politics stands alone among all disciplines, in choosing not to seek accurate information to guide it.  Why has our government never created a reliable source of information on America’s issues, to educate our people and our leaders?


All Politicians Lie     Trump – 8,100 Lies or Distortions



Minimum Wage

A Living Wage

Minimum Wage Jobs Are Needed

People Working These Jobs Need A Living Wage


Companies are finding that when you pay very little, people have no loyalty and leave for better opportunities.  Some companies have found the cost of hiring and training new people, exceeds the cost of paying people a reasonable wage to stay in their jobs.


Battle against High Frequency Traders     BBC Election Story


Legislative & Justice

Stop Voter Suppression

& Gerrymandering

No State Should Discriminate Against Minority Voters

No State Should Set District Boundaries To Manipulate Voting


Voter Suppression was once by pole tax, literacy tests, and intimidation.  Now it is more subtle: purging people from voter lists; requiring people to have a street address, which might not exist on an Indian reservation; and moving the voting center out of town.  Gerrymandering has existed since 1788 and is still alive.


Gerrymandering Defined       Pennsylvania Gerrymandering       Voting History



Term Limits

For Congress, Federal & Supreme Courts

Prevents Policy Making To Secure Re-Election

Stops Continual Fund Raising From, And Allegiance To Special Interests


15 states already have state congressional term limits.  46 states limit state Supreme Court terms, from 6 to 14 years.  The lack of U.S. Congressional, Federal and U.S. Supreme Court term limits fosters dysfunction and corruption in government.  Unlimited and lifetime terms has not proven to benefit American governance.


Majority Favor Term Limits    Term Limits Explained    State Term Limits



Abolish Electoral College

The Electoral College Concept Is Out Of Date

Created Out Of Fear And Lack Of Knowledge Of Democracy

Abolishing It Would Move Our Government Closer To Democracy


We have an Electoral College because America’s founders distrusted democracy. There was a fear of the tyranny of the majority.  One way to stop that is with an Electoral College.  In 2000 and in 2016 the candidate winning the popular vote, did not win the Presidency.


Electoral College Defined       Bypass Electoral College       Fact Check Electoral College

$91 Billion in Fines for Bank of America


Financial & Ethical

$321 Billion In Bank Fines

But No Jail Time

Since 2008, Banks Fines Exceed $321 Billion

Bank Of America Fined $91 Billion

Only One Banker Goes To Jail – Astonishing Injustice


In some states stealing $1000 is a felony, subject to jail time.  How can our society justify allowing bank managers to steal billions of dollars and serve no jail time?


Only one banker goes to jail.     $321 Billion In Fines     Bank Of Am. Fined $91 Billion


Legislative & Justice

Affordable Universal Healthcare

120 Countries Have Less Expensive Universal Healthcare

We Can Emulate The Most Successful


When big money flows into U.S. Congressional campaigns from health insurance companies, our elected officials protect them from competition.  Many countries have proven that there are better solutions for Universal Healthcare than putting profit making insurance companies between a doctor and the patient.  In reviews of the best healthcare systems in the world, France has come in as number 1.  The U.S. is always way down on the list.  What one country can do, another can do.


Healthcare Cost by Country       Cost Comparison       Countries With Universal Healthcare


Legislative & Justice

Equal Women & Minority Rights

The First Woman Was Elected To U.S. Congress in 1916 & The U.S. Senate in 1932

All White Women Could Not Vote Until 1920

Same Sex Married Became Legal in 2015 by Supreme Court Ruling

People of Color are Still Denied Equal Rights


Women are sometimes paid less than men while doing the work.  Minorities are incarcerated at a greater rate than white people.  Only recently have protections and rights of LGBTQ people shown some improvement, but they still have a long way to go.


First U.S. Congresswoman     Civil Rights Act



Affordable Or Free College

Democracy Requires Educated People

36 or More Countries Offer Free Or Low Cost College Education


What one country can do, another can do.  We must continue to educate our people – for better governance, for better jobs, for a better life.


24 Countries With Free Tuition     7 Countries Tuition Free     More Free College

33.4 Percent Over 25 Have A College Degree     The Issues In Germany


Legislative & Justice

Resolve Immigration Issues

Every Person In America Came From Somewhere Else, Even Native American Indians

We Need To Decide How Many People Can Enter And For What Reason


America is a country of immigrants – every single one of us.  Even Native American Indians came across the land bridge from Russia to Alaska.  Our diversity has been our strength. Anthropological studies of DNA now show that mankind originated in Africa, then mixed with Neanderthals in Europe and Denisovans in Asia to populated the earth.  There is only one race of humans on this planet, even though we may look different or have different skin colors.


Pro – Con Opinion      No Such Thing As Race



Remove Money

From Politics

$6 Billion Spent In General Elections

$3 Billion Yearly Lobbying

Political Spending Is Out Of Control


England has a population 1/4 the size of the U.S. population, yet in the 2012 general elections in both countries, the U.S. allowed political spending 120 times that of England.


BBC – $6 Billion vs. $49 Million     Money influencing election

Citizen United…Unlimited Corporate Spending

Lobbying $dollars     1,750 groups lobbying on health care


Legislative & Justice

Lying In Government

Must Have Legal Consequences

We Have Penalties For Lying In Court, Lying To Congress, And Lying To The FBI

The Oath Of Office Can Contain A Promise To Be Truthful, With Repercussions For Lying


Why would we make it illegal to lie in the three cases above, but allow our Leaders to lie to the American people?  Shouldn’t we want and expect our leaders to be of highest integrity — true statesmen and stateswomen?  If we create repercussions for lying to the American people, it can only make our form of government stronger.  It will make it harder for those lacking integrity to serve in government, but that too is a positive thing.



Reform Rules

Reform US Senate & House Rules

To Encourage Cooperation

Senate and House Leaders Have To Much Power To Control Legislation

Legislative and Committee Rules Need to Foster Cooperation


It is clear that U.S. Senate and House rules could be changed to promote better governance.  They could be improved to promote bipartisanship and to reduce the power of Senate and House leaders.


Break the Gridlock Proposal     House Problem Solvers Caucus


Financial & Ethical

Prohibit High Frequency Trading

& Other Market Manipulation

HFT Account For Over 50 Percent of U.S. Equity Trades Since 2008

They Profit From Other People’s Trades, Manipulating The World’s Computerized Trading System


HFTs are manipulating the world’s computerized trading system by employing extremely fast computers, located near the exchanges.  Their speed advantage allows them to front run other people’s trades – jumping in front of a slower buyer, buying the intended equity, then resell it for a profit to the slower trader.


Battle against High Frequency Traders     Money influencing election


Legislative, Justice, & World

Protect The Environment

Promote Renewable Energy

Responsible Governance Must Go Hand In Hand

With Preserving Our World, Recycling, Cleaning Up Past Mistakes


We must question the sanity of anyone not wanting to protect and clean up our world.  Our very lives depend on this planet sustaining us and all the other species.  There is really no choice but to protect this planet, in the best way we can.


United Nations on Climate       Oil Companies Knew


Our Goal

Create Scorecards

Revealing Our Leaders’ Integrity

Create a New Tradition of Honesty and Statesmanship

Discourage Lying, Spinning, Slanting, and All Disinformation


Good governance can not exist without truthful information at its base.  If we allow our leaders to lie to us, we are accepting dishonest government as the basis of our society.  Who would want this?  Why do we accept this.  We need to monitor the level of integrity of our leaders and remove those who can’t deal on the basis of truthfulness.



Possibly Constitutional

Gun Control

That Protects People

In Our World Americans Rarely Need A Gun To Hunt Food,

Or Form A Militia, Or To Prevent Government Tyranny


When the Second Amendment was passed in 1791, with a U.S. population of 3.9 million, the flintlock musket represented the most common gun technology. The Brown Bess, shown above, of which 4.3 million were manufactured, was used by the British Army, and Americans, from 1722 to 1838.  It fired one shot and was cumbersome to reload.  It was not much of an offensive weapon for close range fighting for this reason.  It would have been nearly impossible to use for a mass shooting.

While guns that could fire multiple rounds were available, they were uncommon.  The power of current weapons to enable mass killings could not have been imagined when the Second Amendment was passed.  Would they have allowed everyone to own current weapons?


Flintlock Musket       Purpose of Second Amendment

Gun Violence Numbers       Switzerland – Many Guns – Low Shootings >      357 Million Guns


Unite the Hundreds of Organizations

Already Working on Behalf of Greater Liberty

Expand Citizen Power by Uniting Like-minded People





Common Cause

America Votes

Center for Responsive Politics

Sunlight Foundation

Project On Government Oversight

Center for Effective Government

National Security Archive

League of Women Voters

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington

American Civil Liberties Union

New Voters Project

Advancement Project

Democracy Initiative

Fund for Constitutional Government

ProCon . org







And Hundreds More…

Open Secrets

Sierra Club

Environmental Defense Fund

Coalition To Stop Gun Violence

Center for Science in the Public Interest

FactCheck . org



Create the First Website Devoted to:

Accurate, Unbiased Facts on America’s Major Issues

No Spin, No Slant, No Disinformation, No Misinformation

Only Truthful Information

Should Guide the People and Our Leaders

George Washington


Create the First Digital Score Cards

Showing the Integrity, or Lack Thereof,

of America’s Leaders

In Government, Business, Media, and More




“I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough

to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles,

the character of an honest man.”

George Washington August 28, 1788

Let’s Supply

The Missing Pieces

America’s History of Injustice





Is the Source

of Our Political Dysfunction




243 Years of Slowly

Evolving Governance, where…





Human Rights and Equal Rights


Were Reluctantly Bestowed





It Took 50 Years  After The Declaration Of Independence

Before 5 Percent Of Our Population Could Vote For President – in 1826



It Took 80 Years Before All White Men Could Vote, Not Just Landowners – in 1856



It Took 89 Years Before 4 Million Slaves Were Granted Freedom – in 1865



It took 94 Years Before Black Men, In Some States, Could Vote – in 1870



It took 137 Years Before U.S. Senators Were Selected By The Vote Of Citizens – in 1913



It took 140 Years Before The First Woman Was Elected To U.S. Congress – in 1916



It took 144 Years Before All White Women Could Vote – in 1920



It took 148 Years Before All Native American Indians Were Granted Citizenship – in 1924



It took 156 Years Before The First Woman Was Elected To U.S. Senate – in 1932



It took 178 Years Before The Legal End To Segregation – in 1954



It took 188 Years Before The Civil Rights Act Attempted To Outlaw Discrimination – in 1964



It took 189 Years Before The Voting Rights Act Attempted to Protect Minority Voting – in 1965



It took 192 Years Before The Fair Housing Act Tried to Prohibit Housing Discrimination – in 1968



It took 192 Years Before the First Black Woman was Elected to U.S. Congress – in 1968



It took 230 Years Before the First Muslim Man was Elected to U.S. Congress – in 2006



It took 233 Years Before the First Black President was Elected – in 2009



It took 242 Years Before the First American Indian Women were Elected to U.S. Congress – in 2018



It took 242 Years Before the First Muslim Women were Elected to U.S. Congress – in 2018





Our History Shows






Gradual Progress Toward

Greater Freedoms and Justice.





But it has Yet

To See Us Create


A Truly Principled and Just Government.




Let’s Not Wait… To Accomplish This!

United States Constitution

It has Taken 27 Amendments

And Many Laws To Reach

Our Current Level of Justice.


It Will Take More…

United States Constitution

One Person…

Can’t Create Reform





But Millions...Can!

When We Work Together!

We Must Decide…



How Much Control

Must Reside with the People?


How Much Integrity

Must Exist in Our Leaders?


How Much Participation

Must Arise from the People?




To Create Government


“Of the People,

By the People,

For the People.”

Abraham Lincoln





We are the Hope for

Just Governance…

If Not Us…..Who?



If Not Now…..When?







Your Participation Is Required

This Is A Call

To 10 Million People Of Conscience...

Just 3 Percent of America






Robert H. Jackson

U.S. Attorney General, U.S. Solicitor General, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

“It is not the function of government

to keep the citizen from falling into error;

it is the function of the citizen

to keep the government from falling into error.

President James Madison

On Knowledge – In 1822

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance;

and a people who mean to be their own governors

must arm themselves

with the power which knowledge gives.”

Education is the basis for creating enlightened governance.

Our Declaration Of Independence



States that the People have

the Right to Change the Government…

We Can Honor this Right… By Repairing American Governance!


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Politicians Respond To


Only Many Active Voices

Will Encourage Congress

To Act In The Best Interests Of The People

“The best way to predict your future

is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln

President James Madison…

“Justice is the end of Government. It is the end of civil society.

It ever has been, and ever will be pursued,

until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit.”

President Thomas Jefferson

Noted In 1799:

“The most effectual means of preventing

the perversion of power into tyranny are to illuminate,

as far as practicable, the minds of the people.”

Become a Hero… of Our Government’s Transformation!